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We are grateful for all of our Volunteers and our Community members. It takes this continued devotion and friendship that is so uniquely shared through gifts of precious time and resources and generous contributions. Please visit the How You Can Help page to learn more.


Denny, checking the fences

Valerie up on Beautiful, one of her many adopted Spirit Horses

Molly with adopted Spirit Thoroughbred "Whiskey"

Mark Dando feeding those littleones Fun? Adopter and lives in Georgia

Artist Lorraine Marten supporter

Volunteer, Angela with a mini

Volunteer, Larry and our little spirit

Volunteer Lauren with Zeus

Youthful Volunteers (Brownies) doing good work

Volunteer board member Valerie Smith up on her adopted Mustang mare Chica

Christmas in Texas
2011 Rick and Julie Jackson with family at home with their Spirit horses!

Mark up on his adopted Spirit Horse SKYE A work in process, you go Mark!

Mark and his newest mare Kayla. Residents of Georgia and we know how very Blessed horses are to have this family for their very own.

Bill Smith mowing those weeds

Caregivers at Spirit Acres Farm