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Our books written by Valerie Smith in Spirit's words. Who is Spirit? She is our mascot found on a TX road at one day old - umbilical cord still intact and no one knew her. So after emergency ICU at Equine Vet Hospital in Katy, Texas, Spirit Acres lovingly brought all 29 pounds of buckskin baby (about the size of a medium pet pup) sleeping in the arms of volunteer Shalla in the back seat of our truck. She was comfortable and very safe and so her life began again. Spirit already had her name when we received her from a kind caregiverl. Her Spirit grew with the farm's life and she represents the reason for Rescue, Rehabilitation, Revocation (if needed) and The Rehoming to forever guardians and homes.


Spirit at 4 days old

Spirit at 4 days old

Spirit Today!


Purchase an autographed copy from Spirit Acres Farm for only $15.00! Please contact us for ordering instructions. Funds raised from the Spirit Stories are donated to the rescue. Book supplies are limited, purchase yours before they run out!

The books may also be purchased from www.e-booktime.com