As a non-profit, we totally rely on contributions and donations to support the care and feeding of our horses. Depending upon the injuries, illnesses, and needs of the individual horse, rehabilitation may take weeks, months, or years. All that is needed for the horse must be paid for and is provided completely through the generosity of the members of our community.

Many volunteers started supporting us monetarily then became involved in the life of the horses here and now provide physical support as a volunteer in addition to their continued donations. We invite companies to join in as a group and support a horse, sharing part of the bigger picture with little financial outlay by one person. Other ways to join in our efforts are to help as part of a group project and to do community service here on behalf of the horses who desperately need your help and friendship. We gladly list our suporters on our site so others can see who helps the needy horses from all over this area and sometimes from out of state.

There are many ways to support this farm's work to save horses and retire them and/or find adoptive homes that can provide the love and care these horses deserve.

Monetary donation:
Donations may be made via cash, checks, or credit cards (using PayPal). Another way to support Spirit Acres Farm is through planned giving via annuities, wills, real estate, etc.

Rainbow Bridge Memorials:
Make a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one to appear on our virtual memorials.

Donation by purchase:
The Tack Room
"The Spirit Stories" volumes 1 and 2 by Author/Volunteer Valerie H. Smith We are "Spirit Acres Farm" and receive up to 26% of each purchase!



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Sponsor A Horse

In this program, your contribution provides for the feeding, medical care and medicines, hoof and dental care for a horse (or horses) in need. We have horses who have specific care demands that must be done on a timely basis.

The average horse requires $165.00 a month for hay, feed, supplements and one hoof trim. Special needs and demands above the cost of daily care varies with the horse are not required as part of your sponsorship, but are greatly appreciated.

Sponsorship is not just for individuals ~ groups, companies, and organizations are welcome. This program begins at $25.00 and increases in $25.00 increments, but ultimately the amount pledged is your choice. It can be done by mail, personal visit, phone call, or through PayPal.

Reports are sent concerning your sponsored horse along with pictures on a regular basis. You can schedule visits and spend time with the horses as well. Sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to learn about and enjoy the work being done here and to be a part of our organization's future.

Please join us and help provide this life saving care with your sponsorship donation. You will be a part of Spirit Acres Farm's life, enabling us to meed the daily challenges of a rescue and sanctuary.


Our Wish List

Thank You for the blessed considerations that help make these wishes and the hopes come true.

  • Andersen Equine Sling
  • A 3 horse trailer 7 ft height or taller for conversion to equine ambulance
  • Donations to pay our Vet's services. Help these professionals keep working for rescue horse's needs.
  • Twenty 10' metal panels for use as holding pens needed for feeding certain horses, or for separation for vet work and so many other reasons around the farm.
  • 6 rolls of SafTFence electric Tape and tee post sleeves rubber mats for safe floors
  • Treated posts (8 to 12 feet long) for building new sheds and repairing current structures.
  • Treated corral boards, 1x12 treated boards
  • Hardy plank to refinish the north side and walls of the barn, replacing the existing plywood.
  • New roof on existing barn 80x30 very old roof and is damaged from storms
  • A tractor with a front-end loader to help the daily work load and so much more.
  • Water-repellent or water-proof horse blankets. Sizes 74, 76, and 78 are the most common.
  • 1x6 and 2x6 treated corral boards and posts to rebuild arena 250' x 125' damaged by tornado

In Honor Of...

A donation was made in honor of
Linda Gracelyn Jackson, Conroe, Tx.
By Linda Sullivan, Sugarland ,Tx.


A donation was made in honor of
Mrs. Pat Klien, Tomball, Tx.
By the Mottershaws of Troy, Michigan